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Mini produce Show

August 2020

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  Class 7: - 3 Pods of Runner Beans
photographic entries should show them as  long, straight pods with stalks attached and no outward sign of seeds
Lucy Macleod - Commended

Class 15: - 3 Courgettes - 100-150mm (4-6") in length
entries  to be young and tender. A ruler or tape measure should be placed alongside to  show their size
Lucy Macleod - Commended

Class 22: - 5 Cherry Tomatoes
under 35mm dia (1.5") with calyx  and stalk attached. Again, a ruler or tape measure placed next to the exhibit
Andrew Williams - 1st - Photo No.1
Joyce Reardon - 2nd - Photo No. 2

Judge's Comments:

Generally, the entries were of a good quality although too few to be able to make comparisons in some classes.

  Class 53: - Dahlias
any  variety (NOT pom-pom) - 3 stems in one vase
Andrew Williams - 1st - Mixed Colours - Photo No.1
Joyce Reardon - 2nd - Cactus - Photo No.2
Leenie Hirst - 3rd - Orange - Photo No.3

Judge's  Comments:

1st -  Would have been better displayed if stalks had been longer and some  material in the bottom of the vase to keep the flowers facing  forward.
2nd -  Leaves showing slug damage. Not as brief.
3rd -  Some fine blooms but again some material in the base of the vase would  have displayed them facing forward.

Class 57: - A vase of mixed  Herbaceous Perennials
When entrants send in their photo of this Class they  should state the number of varieties and name each one
Joyce Reardon - 1st- Photo No.1
Achillea, Astilbe, Astrantia, Delphinium, Digitalis  Lutea, Francoa, Lysimachia, Penstemon, Phlox, Sidalcea, Verbena  bonariensis,
Veronica, Veronicastrum

Annette Jeffries - Commended - Photo No.2
phlox, verbena bonariensis, 3 bird toadflax, japanese anemone, geranium

Judges  Comments:

Commended - Not  possible to see all the varieties because of the way they were displayed in the  vase.

Class 62: - 3 heads of  Hydrangeas, single or mixed colours
Joyce Reardon - 1st - White - Photo No.3
Andrew Williams - 2nd - Three Colours - Photo No.1
Annette Jeffries 3rd - Blue - Photo No.2

Judges  Comments:

2nd - Would have been better shown had the stalks been visible.
3rd - Same comment applies to this entry.

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